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Once Every 100 years, the Five Factions

compete for control of the Monster Council .

Can you take your faction to the top

of the Monster World?

16 Monsters. Five Factions. 1 Prize.

Music that Breaks the Stock Mold

Mega Monster Dance Party features rockin', rappin', rebellious musicians from 

Across the Globe. From Spain to Brazil, South Africa to Indonesia, we created unique songs for many of our characters with diverse talent, because these monster's voices are just as important as their dance moves.


Power Faction

Kid_Mix copy.jpg

We make games for kids of all ages.

Takster Games, LLC. believes games don't always need to be about fighting or shooting. Games and be fun, and challenging, and we encourage our players to use their skills in creative ways to solve conflicts. 

Characters from across the Universe


Electro Faction

Fun, colorful characters populate the Mega Monster World. They come from across the world, even across the galaxies to compete. No matter your style, rock, hip-hop, retro, synth or jazz, you can find a character to rep your style and showcase 8 moves and a Mega Move that will give you special powerups.

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